Need Prayer?

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Matthew 21:22

Together we will pray, prophesy, and declare for healing by faith and the power of the Holy Ghost to change lives.


Before Deliverance Request

Understand that there are things you can do before requesting Deliverance ministry. 



Childhood is the source of many of the problems people face. Having been rejected by a parent or sibling and affected their whole life, for example. You may experience things even though they weren't directed at you but were in your bloodline 30 generations before you were born (Exodus 20:5; 34:7; Numbers 14:18; Deuteronomy 5:9). Get your family stories ready and look back at your family history beyond your grandparents. Behaviors, traditions, and rituals are all influenced by your ethnic background and culture (indigenous, pantheism, polytheistic, pagan, cults, religious beliefs, and practices)  You can ask God for the revelation of your ancestral history & write it down.

Empowering Your Soul

Your actions items:

  1. Write down your life reflections from birth to now for a serious honest assessment:

    • Process of elimination:

      • if it brings you peace: it Stays

      • ​If it is toxic, uncertain, or confusing: remove it from your life​

    • Renouncing & Repenting 

    • Get wisdom & understanding

    • Always pray

  2. Make a vision board in these areas: God, family, home, ministry, work, school, finances, health, fun: and extra: events happening this year. 

    • Get pictures for each goal, or write it down what you would like to see

    • Start praying for the solutions

    • Speak life, positive outcomes, and blessings   

    • Stop talking about the problem, speaking death, and cursing

  3. Give change time because you can move forward.​

    • Time to cry​

    • Time to heal

    • Time to laugh